In this romantically apocalyptic generation, staying in love is harder than asexual reproduction*. Aman Makkar shows us how to keep that romance blossoming in this quirky, introspective GIF photo essay for Design Fabric featuring 7 together-forever couples.

*In 2016, Leonie the Zebra shark was the first female to reproduce without a partner.
Rose John and Richard Raymer
Kiran S. Vanvari and Sunil V. Vanvari
Dr. Gurminder Madan and Dr. Jagmeet Madan
Charu Avlani and Bipin Avlani
Dr. Gurminder Madan and Dr. Jagmeet Madan
Dr. Beena Karia and Jagdish Karia
Merrylin Boro and Rod Anker
Usha Gawde and Sunil Gawde
Rashmi Tyagi and Anil Tyagi
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